Strong as a mountain

The humble Tadasana – also known as mountain pose – helps to create awareness of the body’s position and encourages healthy posture. Although it might look like simply standing still, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The foundation of all standing yoga postures, Tadasana should feel easy and comfortable to hold for some time, while remaining strong, stable and alert. Here’s a reminder of how to practise it:

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart and parallel, toes pointing forward, knees facing forward and in line with the ankles.
  2. Visualise grounding down through the feet, but avoid collapsing.
  3. Keeping the knees soft, visualise a gentle opening across the backs of the knees, creating a sense of lengthening up and down the leg.
  4. Allow the arms to fall naturally and lightly by the sides of the body. The biceps and thumbs face forward while the palms face the thighs.
  5. Visualise a thread passing through the body and up through the crown of the head, creating a sense of lengthening through the neck.
  6. Let the thread create lightness in the upper body – a gentle elongation from the waist up.
  7. While remaining alert and aware of the position of the body, relax into a rhythm of calm breath.
  8. Remain here for at least one minute.

Words: Simone Scott.

Simone is a RYT500 yoga teacher and freelance writer. Follow her @simsspace

Illustration: Bijanstock via Shutterstock

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