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In this issue: Step into spring – Literary heights – The spirit of making – Song of the forest – Voice of resistance – Reel change – A dancing joy – Heaven scent – Lines of defence – Flowering fields forever – Echo that ‘Emotions are running high.’ Hear that phrase and there’s a good …


Relax and restore

Although it might look easy, Savasana – also known as Corpse pose – requires focus and awareness. Practised with intention, it complements and concludes active yoga practice, bringing together the physical and spiritual aspects of the discipline. Here’s a reminder of how to practise it: *Place blankets or bolsters for added support where needed. Words: …

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How to accept and enjoy a compliment

Why it’s rude to reject a compliment Do you think, these days, that you’re pretty good at taking a compliment? Maybe, when someone praised you in the past, you’d contradict them. ‘Oh, but it was easy,’ you’d say, or ‘Thanks, but I should have done better.’ But, since then, you’ve learned that rejecting a compliment …

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