Relax and restore

Although it might look easy, Savasana – also known as Corpse pose – requires focus and awareness. Practised with intention, it complements and concludes active yoga practice, bringing together the physical and spiritual aspects of the discipline. Here’s a reminder of how to practise it: *Place blankets or bolsters for added support where needed. Words: …

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How to accept and enjoy a compliment

Why it’s rude to reject a compliment Do you think, these days, that you’re pretty good at taking a compliment? Maybe, when someone praised you in the past, you’d contradict them. ‘Oh, but it was easy,’ you’d say, or ‘Thanks, but I should have done better.’ But, since then, you’ve learned that rejecting a compliment …

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How to make the perfect bao bun

Why tradition and attention to detail are so important to bao buns Few people understand the elevation of this traditional dish better than the founders of London’s Taiwanese BAO restaurants, where steamed buns are the signature dish. While the bao originated in Chinese cuisine, in Taiwan, it’s the ultimate comfort food, made with a twist …

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