Why rock gardens rock

With different dimensions, height, shady crevices and even water features, rock gardens are a creative way to add colour, depth and interest to an outdoor space. Popular in the Victorian era and traditionally planted with alpines, they can also provide the perfect growing conditions for coastal plants, succulents and anything that requires excellent drainage. Sometimes …

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Why does creativity bring joy?

Why does creativity bring joy? According to ancient Indian texts, the sacral chakra is one of the seven central energy points in the body. Located about four finger-widths below the belly button, it’s associated with the colour orange, pleasure and creativity. Its Sanskrit name, Svadhishthana, means ‘dwelling place of the Self’. What happens when your …

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Why are muses important in art history?

Far from being the languid, dreamy figure of myth, Sophie concludes that muses are deeply creative, active and influential. ‘A muse is the spark that lights the match of creativity,’ she says. ‘They are not passive in my opinion, they’re someone who not only inspires greatness but actively contributes towards it. It’s a very symbiotic …

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