How to deal with being scapegoated

When does scapegoating become problematic? Scapegoating occurs in any type of relationship, including those within larger structures, such as families and workplaces. In fact, it’s common to occasionally attempt to deflect responsibility for one’s mistakes, often by blaming someone else. It becomes problematic, however, when the pattern is repeated, especially if the so-called blame is …

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Sleep on it

Breathe will be attending The Mindful Living Show and the co-located Sleep Show at the Business Design Centre in London on 6–7 March 2020. It’s a great opportunity to learn how mindfulness can benefit your life, health and work. You’ll also be able to explore potential solutions and get guidance for any sleep issues affecting …

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Everyday Mindfulness

When you think of mindfulness, what comes to mind? Mantras, essential oils, listening to relaxation podcasts? I used to think of someone sitting cross-legged, palms facing upwards and humming a calming tune. Assuming that’s all there was to it, I dismissed mindfulness as something that couldn’t help me. Even as its popularity grew and I …

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