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How to choose the fragrance that works for you
Journalist and author Greta Solomon explores how fragrances can help us to form our identity and hold memories and meaningful moments in place.
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How can crafting improve your mental health?
Issabella Orlando is a writer, arts and culture lover and the filmmaker behind Holy Craft!, a documentary film series illustrating the art of making. Here she looks at how developing a more intimate relationship with crafting can alter your mindset for the better, providing a connection to the past, accentuating the present and offering hope for the future.
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Why is knowing when you have enough essential for mental wellbeing?
Not knowing when you have enough can be distressing in a few ways. You might keep comparing yourself with those who have more than you. You might work to the point of exhaustion or worry compulsively about how much you have versus what you think you should have. These comparisons can leave you feeling as if you’re trapped in a perpetual game of snakes and ladders. Clinical and forensic psychologist and author Ahona Guha looks at learning how to decide when enough is enough…
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Lower yourself in gently and feel the benefits

Rose tinted recollections of the past or idyllic versions of the future can detract from an imperfect but happy present. Explore your now

Mysterious, magical, maddening – life can rarely, if ever, be fully known or understood, but that makes it all the more intriguing

From blissful moments in the shower to joyous walks across open meadows, when the mind wanders free, ideas follow

The space, the scale, the serenity – when the heart is troubled, time spent observing the natural world can work wonders

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In this issue: Step into spring – Literary heights – The spirit of making – Song of the forest – Voice of resistance – Reel change – A dancing joy

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In this issue: Your place to grow – Mind over matter – Clean break – Bringer of good fortune – Positively personal – Literary legacy – Rhythm of life –

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In this issue: Reflections in nature – Poetry, please – Hidden depths – Freedom of the trail – Out of this world – The power of resentment – Value judgments

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In this issue: Always where you belong – On the campaign trail – Fit for purpose – The company of friends – Natural connection – Stop and smell the coffee