5 Yoga Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration so Breathe have selected some of the best Insta-accounts that will motivate you in your yoga practice:


With over 2 million followers, Rachel Brathen is one of the biggest InstaYogis of the moment. She has also published the book Yoga Girl and has a weekly podcast, From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl.


My strength doesn’t come solely from yoga. And much as I appreciate the spoils of industry and capitalism, I don’t think humans are supposed to exist in boxes. We’re meant to frolic among the elements. In order to feel like a happy and functioning human being, I require quality time in nature- and when I’m home in the Old North State, that usually means I’m wandering through the hills surrounding the Eno River or splashing like a five year old in the streams. I’m not the most time efficient hiker and I’m a very lazy swimmer- but it’s all good bc I’m not in it for the accolades. The joy I feel when I’m outside is unparalleled- it’s the only place where I truly feel like my most authentic self. There’s no way I could try to be a #ForceOfNature on my yoga mat without a distinct connection to the true forces of nature in our universe. My strength isn’t just about moving my body- it’s about making a connection to the power of this earth. #sponsored @rei Photo by my love @justincookphoto

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Yoga teacher and body positivity activist Jessamyn Stanley concentrates on encouraging ‘How do I feel?’ over ‘How do I look?’. She has recently published a book called Every Body Yoga aimed at inspiring people of all shapes and sizes to take up yoga.


Often at one with nature in her posts, Rivka Peiffer runs yoga retreats and can often be seen practising poses with her dog. Her posts often come with inspiring and uplifting quotes with mindfulness at the forefront.


Self-confessed handstand addict Laura Kasperzak can usually be found upside down, or practising yoga with her dog and kids. Her posts are full of humour, with lots of witty and funny captions alongside her photos.


Robin Martin is a Seattle-based yogi who offers great advice with each of her posts, either explaining the benefits of the pose or how you can achieve it. She likes to prove that yoga can be practised anywhere.


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