Breathe Magazine 33

Breathe Issue 33

Snap, crackle, pop. What image do those three words bring to mind? A certain childhood breakfast cereal, perhaps? Add flicker, glow and enchant to the list and hopefully a more toasty picture emerges, that of an open fire, emanating heat and radiating comfort while simultaneously mesmerising and grounding those whose faces flush pink in its …

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Breathe issue 32

Breathe Issue 32

Tree-hugging’s an oft-maligned activity, those who practise it written off as weird, eccentric or quirky. Yet trees are one of nature’s most precious resources. They sequester carbon, ease flooding, moderate rising temperatures and nurture troubled souls. Surely it would be stranger not to acknowledge their presence, to take it for granted even and only raise …

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Breathe Issue 31

Breathe Issue 31

What are you good at? Baking, running, writing? Are your talents visible, award-winning even, on display for all to see – the first-prize rosette for a lemon drizzle cake, the medal acknowledging a completed marathon, the winner’s certificate for a short story? No? Don’t worry. The reality is that most skills, accomplishments and triumphs are …

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Breathe Issue 30

Breathe Issue 30

Few things are accessible to everyone. Cost, geography and expectations – both internal and external – frequently get in the way. Yet right on our doorstep whether that’s in deep countryside or a densely populated city is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights. And its power to lift the spirits and feed the soul …

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breathe magazine issue 29

Breathe Issue 29

Change is constant. Mostly, it’s slow, almost imperceptible and then one day makes its presence felt in an unexpected moment. Occasionally, it’s so swift the very ground seems to give way. This is perhaps especially so when it comes to the person who raised you or someone who helped shape your life. Think of a …

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Breathe issue 28

Breathe Issue 28

Finding yourself. What images do those two words conjure up? Heading off on a post-college gap year with friends, taking a sabbatical mid-career and spending it at home with close family, buying a one-way ticket and embarking on a solo global adventure? For many, of course, extended trips with the sole purpose of self-reflection are …

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Breathe Issue 27

Pressure. It comes in many shapes and guises – the pressure to perform at work, to look after family, to be there for friends. But what about a less tangible burden, one that’s often accompanied by large internalised servings of self-judgment and disapprobation?  What about the pressure to persevere with a career or friendship, no …

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Breathe Issue 26

Remember being a kid and having to get permission to stay up late on a school night, play outside on a cold day or eat a second biscuit? Remember, in fact, having to get permission for what seemed like, well, everything? That was then. Now, it’s a different matter. The only approval needed is from …

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Breathe Issue 25

Strength. It’s a solid word, not quite onomatopoeic, but a robust sound nonetheless, conjuring up images of centuries-old trees that refuse to be toppled. It also feels decisive and suggestive of resilience, stoicism and wisdom as much as physical prowess. People who display these traits, especially on an emotional level, seem to have these qualities …

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Breathe Issue 24

Yes, I can babysit. Yes, I can host book club this week. Yes, I can go out for a drink. Yes, yes, yes. I can do lots of things. But. Do I really want to? No. Is it the most convenient option? No. Do I really have time? No. And, really, in whose best interests …

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