Why you should try a ghost tour

Why are ghost tours so appealing? For some, it’s curiosity about the unknown or a morbid fascination with ghastly histories and life beyond the grave. Being fully immersed in a ghost tour’s experience brings the past and all its phantoms to life in vivid colour. It’s possible to feel the creeping dread, the quickening pulse …

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Why are muses important in art history?

Far from being the languid, dreamy figure of myth, Sophie concludes that muses are deeply creative, active and influential. ‘A muse is the spark that lights the match of creativity,’ she says. ‘They are not passive in my opinion, they’re someone who not only inspires greatness but actively contributes towards it. It’s a very symbiotic …

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New Year, new approach

The holidays are almost here, you might be looking forward to time off, precious moments with loved ones, great food and post-feasting naps.  Then come those post-celebration days, where you eat all the leftovers and have no idea what time it is, let alone what the date might be.  It’s somewhere during this twilight period …

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Tadasana pose

Strong as a mountain

The humble Tadasana – also known as mountain pose – helps to create awareness of the body’s position and encourages healthy posture. Although it might look like simply standing still, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The foundation of all standing yoga postures, Tadasana should feel easy and comfortable to hold for some …

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Sun salutations yoga

What 500 Sun Salutations taught me

The ancient yogic practice of Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation as it’s more commonly known, serves as a great sequence to energise the body of a morning or to warm up the muscles and mind ahead of a yoga session. Slowed down, it can also be used to centre awareness and find calm.  More recently, this …

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