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Coronavirus: mindful about sleep

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyday life in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, bringing concerns for our physical and mental health. For many people this has had a detrimental effect on both the amount and quality of their sleep.  Here, Amanda Grant, chief wellness officer at the CIVANA Wellness Resort …

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Lockdown: how to stay hydrated

Lockdown is affecting every aspect of our lives – how we work or study, how we socialise, how we exercise and who we see. Even the way we eat and drink is likely to have altered with so much time being spent in the home and relatively little outdoors. One thing that can be affected …

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staying home breathe special


Breathe has launched a special edition to help people feel happy and calm while staying at home. The title is a collection of Breathe​ articles​, filled with mindful ideas and activities, from stretches to start the day to writing exercises, from ways to rearrange art to puzzles and games. Purchase your copy here. STORE LISTING WHS HS STORES ABERDEEN ST NICHOLAS CENTRE ST NICHOLAS CENTRE …


Mindful Quarantine

A mindful quarantine

As the prospect of an extended Covid-19 quarantine becomes a reality, social media feeds are awash with ways to stay busy during the coming months of social distancing. Take a coding course, Marie Kondo your home, learn to play the ukulele, take up an online language course – the list seems endless. And there is …

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Sneak peek cover 28

Breathe Issue 28 – sneak peek

Finding yourself. What images do those two words conjure up? Heading off on a post-college gap year with friends, taking a sabbatical mid-career and spending it at home with close family, buying a one-way ticket and embarking on a solo global adventure? For many, of course, extended trips with the sole purpose of self-reflection are …

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Sleep on it

Breathe will be attending The Mindful Living Show and the co-located Sleep Show at the Business Design Centre in London on 6–7 March 2020. It’s a great opportunity to learn how mindfulness can benefit your life, health and work. You’ll also be able to explore potential solutions and get guidance for any sleep issues affecting …

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Wellbeing Journal

Positive thinking, creative escapes, eating well, spending time outside and regular exercise – the Breathe Wellbeing Journal shows you how to use these things to help establish a slower pace of life and a healthy self-awareness that can work wonders for physical and psychological wellbeing. Click here to purchase your copy.

Mindfulness Journal

Discover easy ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life with the Breathe Mindfulness Journal. Filled with brand new simple exercises, use it to calm the mind, rejuvenate the body and restore balance to busy lives. Click here to purchase your copy.