Breathe magazine 37


It might have made for a fitting closing number to Monty Python’s Life of Brian, but few would suggest that the answer to challenges and disappointments is always to look on the bright side. There’s no one- view-suits-all solution, after all, and there are times when realism, pessimism and even cynicism might have a valuable …


Breathe 36


Most people have their creature comforts, those small but significant things that lift the spirits, ease the mind and bring joy. They can make life bearable, even when the world seems unkind, hostile or unknowable.    It’s easy to assume that such comforts are, by definition, material – plush bed linen atop the perfect mattress, a …


Breathe 35

Breathe Issue 35

Uncertainty is a challenging beast. Caught in its grip, it can paralyse progress and destroy dreams. Sometimes, its causes are external and beyond one’s personal control. Over the past few months, communities worldwide have found themselves in a holding pattern, waiting for the day when they will once more be allowed to embrace loved ones, …

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Breathe Issue 34

Breathe Issue 34

A touch of frost, a fl urry of snow, a sudden downpour, a bracing easterly wind – a spell of inclement weather often prompts people to scurry indoors, batten down the hatches and hole up until the worst has passed. And why not? There’s a lot to be said for sitting on the sofa, mug …

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Breathe Special Puzzles games

Breathe Special Puzzles and Games

This special edition mixes mindful word and number games – from crosswords, wordsearches to sudoku – with longer reads on everything from quiz nights and riddles to doodling and flash fiction. Please note that this magazine is not available to buy in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Purchase your copy here

Breathe Magazine 33

Breathe Issue 33

Snap, crackle, pop. What image do those three words bring to mind? A certain childhood breakfast cereal, perhaps? Add flicker, glow and enchant to the list and hopefully a more toasty picture emerges, that of an open fire, emanating heat and radiating comfort while simultaneously mesmerising and grounding those whose faces flush pink in its …

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Tadasana pose

Strong as a mountain

The humble Tadasana – also known as mountain pose – helps to create awareness of the body’s position and encourages healthy posture. Although it might look like simply standing still, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The foundation of all standing yoga postures, Tadasana should feel easy and comfortable to hold for some …

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Breathe issue 32

Breathe Issue 32

Tree-hugging’s an oft-maligned activity, those who practise it written off as weird, eccentric or quirky. Yet trees are one of nature’s most precious resources. They sequester carbon, ease flooding, moderate rising temperatures and nurture troubled souls. Surely it would be stranger not to acknowledge their presence, to take it for granted even and only raise …

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