Breathe Issue 13

Viewed from space, Earth is momentous, glorious, unchanging. The distance offers perspective, an overview of the planet below. On the ground, it is equally as impressive, but its sands, seas and stories are constantly shifting. Such is also the case for its inhabitants. For some, however, time can seem to stand still or move so imperceptibly slowly that they become trapped, unable to move on from earlier events or relationships that dictate how they feel and act today.

One way to get the clock ticking again is to decode the past – to look afresh at friendship or partner choices that reflect significant relationships from childhood; to work through early hurts; and to explore inherited expectations and judgements. This can be emotionally challenging, so try to do it when you feel in a safe, strong place. Once processed, put the past at a distance so that the present can be fully embraced and the future eagerly anticipated.

Similarly, it can take time and space to understand why others’ good fortune can illicit, well, let’s say, less-than-kind thoughts. But it’s human to have mixed feelings sometimes when a friend, family member or colleague seems to be on a winning streak. The answer lies not in self-flagellation but in recognising one’s intrinsic self-worth and focusing on previous achievements – big and small – and being positive about future ambitions. From this viewpoint, it’s easier to share others’ happiness.

It also becomes possible to see opportunities for self-growth, be that by exploring an underlying creative spirit, fulfilling a long-held desire to travel or taking life more slowly. Just remember to step back once in a while and view from a distance the momentous, glorious, changing You.