5 healthy food Instagram accounts to follow this New Year

Give this year a kick-start by following these inspiring healthy food Instagram accounts that prove eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring!

The foodies of Instagram live to serve you delicious feasts for your eyes that you could turn into healthy feasts for your stomach. With the New Year’s resolutions swimming around in your mind, why not give these channels a try to supplementing your regular diet!


The best thing about  Live Green Healthy is that with every post they make they give you all the ingredients and recipes to make the same dish – they also all look deliciously tasty and even give you a new take on a classic toastie!


It’s not all about eating green, IQuitSugar gives you grat ways to eat healthier while giving you yummy treats to eat – like sugar-free cookies!


MyNewRoots is a well-established foodie who celebrates all things vegetarian. She not only posts full meals and snacks, but inspiring ingredients that you can use.


It doesn’t get much brighter than The Delicious, full of inspiring posts that are bursting with colour – healthy doesn’t have to be boring! And it doesn’t have to deprive you of the things you love either.


If you think you can’t eat carbs and be healthy, then Kale Me Maybe will prove you wrong with their delicious-looking pasta dishes. Along with lots of vegan versions of yummy treats!


  • Words: Jen Neal
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