Breathe Issue 10

Inspiration. Where does it come from? And why can it sometimes slide out of view in winter? Is it the bare trees, whose leaves have gone south; the darkness that greets the morning and waves goodbye to the evening; or the cold that steals one’s breath upon daring to venture outdoors?

It can seem a grim season, but look again at those trees. Are they really bare – or have clusters of next spring’s growth already started to form? That darkness. Try to embrace it. Set your alarm clock early and relish a few precious minutes of peace and reflection in the morning. And in the evening? There can be few better times to curl up indoors with a good book and a glass of something warming.

As for the cold, here at Breathe we’re big fans of toasty beanies, lush scarves and glamorous glovelets (we do share an office with the team behind Knitting) and we’ll grab any opportunity to don the lot and head out for a walk in the park, a stroll round town or to spend a quiet few minutes enjoying the personal sanctuary of a favourite bench, square or hill-top view.

The rhythms of winter are different – and for many they can’t be over soon enough – but they can be equally as inspiring. Think about inviting some hungry wildlife into your garden or onto a balcony, for instance, with a home-made bird feeder and you’ll most likely be rewarded with an uplifting close encounter with a few feathered friends.

Ultimately, however, perhaps original inspiration comes from within, from trusting your own unique vision, understanding and perception of the world around you. And that’s available throughout the seasons.