Project Declutter

Decluttering your home feels great, but sometimes it is hard to say goodbye. Here are some thoughts to help you see the light and declutter…

Less choice – less stress

Take clothes for example. If you own fewer clothes, you’ll find them quicker, have less laundry and the clothes you do wear will always be the things you really like.

Better for the environment

Buying less will reduce your carbon footprint.  Buy food locally that you’re sure you’ll use up.

You’ll feel lighter

Whether you’re dealing with your own clutter or have inherited someone else’s stuff, keeping your possessions down to the essentials will help to lighten your load.

It’s pointless not to

What’s in the loft? If you can’t remember, then what’s the point of it being there at all? Just think how lovely it would be to clear your shed, attic or any over-stuffed room, and be able to see the sun streaming through a window on to an empty floor.

It’s good for your mind

Less chaos soothes the mind. Don’t turn your head into a bin!

Possessions attach you to the past

Keeping too many things that remind you of the past – hoards of old photos, furniture and inherited items – can stop you from moving forwards, especially if there are unhappy memories attached to them.

Display your lovely things

Removing the clutter lets you show off the items that make you happy.


  • Words: Anna Lambert
  • Photograph: Julia Karo / Shutterstock
  • Article extract from issue 1 of Breathe – order digital edition here