How aromatherapy can help restore lifestyle balance naturally

A mindful breathing ritual with aromatherapy can help let go of negative thoughts and shift mood to bring a renewed sense of positivity, relieve anxiety and depression. It can also help to focus and build confidence

Confident and empowered

Most people have days when self-confidence wavers. Stepping out of your comfort zone can make you feel uneasy, unsure and uncertain. When you feel strong and self-assured, the firefighting becomes easier because you have more faith that you can do it. This empowerment allows you to feel calmer and less stressed.

Sandalwood and cedarwood oils, which are grounding, help you to feel stronger and more at ease, promoting feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem.


Social media, emails, must-watch TV shows, meetings, phone calls, Skype calls, WhatsApp conversations – all these distractions make it increasingly difficult to focus on one thing at a time and small items often fall through the cracks. Multi-tasking has become the norm – watching TV while playing on the phone; checking emails while children are telling you about their day; phoning to pay the vet’s bill while cooking dinner. How many of these tasks end up being done properly? You miss the important email because just as you’re scrolling through your phone you looked up to make eye contact with a friend or a child to demonstrate you were paying attention.

Clary sage and rosemary promote mental clarity, which reduces negative mental chatter, leading to a stronger sense of purpose, focus and action. These essential oils will help to contribute to confident decision-making processes.

Rested and relaxed

Sometimes the world never seems to stop – meetings run later, conference calls take place before breakfast, work functions go on into the night – and still you have to put on a smile. It’s easy to feel caught up in a vicious circle of being stressed and worn out, run down and snappy and getting angry over the tiniest of things. Good sleep can help you to keep stress at bay, to think more clearly, to handle unexpected problems more easily and even to keep your weight in check.

Lavender essential oil is calming, relaxing and restorative, chamomile (English) essential oil is deeply soothing and calming, palmarosa essential oil settles the nervous system and supports deep sleep.


It can be hard to stay positive when under constant stress. Life can feel like a daily trudge from one imperfect situation to the next – a stressful school run, tedious commute, difficult encounter with a colleague, missed family meal, tough conversation with a grumpy teenager, misunderstanding
with a partner or friend.

Citrus oils such as grapefruit and orange are naturally uplifting, boosting general mood and positivity, which can leave you feeling happier about yourself. Ylang Ylang essential oil balances the emotions, is sensual and soothing to both body and mind. 


Inspiration is one of those things that gets further away the more you reach for it. Few people have the luxury to down tools and head to a breezy hilltop to ponder what needs to be done, however, especially when there are deadlines to meet and calls to be made. The best thing to do is stop trying. Take a deep breath and let your mind be carried away to somewhere else for a few seconds, stop and refocus. Often that’s all it takes to allow that flash of inspiration to hit.

Oud wood essential oil is luxurious and said to enhance mental clarity while calming the nervous system. Frankincense essential oil quietens the mind and supports focused attention and tranquillity. An excellent support for yoga or meditation practice. Sandalwood is strengthening and fortifying, calming a busy mind and creating inner peace and harmony.