Breathe Issue 08

Remember playtime as a kid? Breathe does. The joyous sense of carefree abandonment, the total disregard for time, the lack of self-consciousness.

Where does that go? At what point do so many of us lose the inclination to play spontaneously and instead relegate unscripted fun to the sidelines? The answer, of course, lies in the responsibilities and reality of adult life. Play can seem frivolous when there’s work to be done, family to be looked after and so much heartache and horror in the world.

Yet reconnecting with your inner-child and allowing yourself to enjoy uninhibited fun and laughter can work wonders for physical and psychological wellbeing. It can also rekindle the sense of awe that so often diminishes as the years go by. Imagine feeling again your inner-child’s astonishment at seeing for the first time the leaves change colour in the autumn, the stars twinkling prettily in a busy night sky or a snowdrop melting on a windowpane. That would be wonderful.

The world can be a bleak place, but it’s also a magical one and there is still much to inspire, delight and be optimistic about. Talented iIllustrator Jessie Ford’s colourful positive affirmations – which you can cut out and keep with this issue of Breathe – are a reminder of all that can be done and how much can be achieved, especially if you allow yourself to believe, keep faith in your ability and embrace the natural world. ‘Every day is a beautiful new adventure!’, she says.

With that in mind, Breathe is going to return to its youth and make the most of the autumnal delights. Expect to find us turning cartwheels, splashing in puddles, skimming stones and admiring wild flowers as we head off on long, leisurely (yes, we’re embracing the slow movement, too), fun walks along the UK and Ireland’s beautiful coastlines. Awesome.